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North Antelope Coal Mine opened in 1983. This mine ranks within the top five most productive mines in the United States. North Antelope is a surface mine which operates with a truck and shovel procedure. Included in the mining equipment is a 60 cubic yard dragline and three 15,000 ton storage silos. In 1994, North Antelope finished third in reaching new production and sales records along with placing third for safest coal mine in Wyoming. In 1993 this mine produced 11.27 million tons of coal, and by the end of 1995 production reached 19.46 million tons of coal. North Antelope's coal meets the Phase II requirements of the Clean Air Act and the sulfur content is among the lowest of any mine in the country.

In 1995, North Antelope began building a near-pit crushing and conveyor system which will increase their capacity to annually produce more coal. This mine is also expanding their shop facilities to handle larger-capacity equipment which will include an 80-yard coal loading shovel, two new 240- ton trucks and three 190-ton trucks. The new equipment will help North Antelope increase overburden removal, along with meeting their coal sale projections.
North Antelope stresses safety first. This mine has operated over 1,338,000 employee hours without a lost time accident. This is approximately 1,491 days, or four years, of operating safely.

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