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Rawhide Coal Mine opened in 1976 and began production in 1977. The mine currently employs 160 men and women who work 10-hour shifts, five days a week. Rawhide has down-time during the early morning hours, and on weekends they run on day-shift basis only. In 1995, Rawhide produced 13.6 million tons of coal.

When Rawhide opened, archeological artifacts were discovered on the mine site. In order to mine this area, Rawhide needed special permission from the Federal Government, and archeologists were brought in to remove the items (see ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES for more information). When this task was completed, mining began.

Rawhide Mine has two different seams of coal. The top seam, known as the Roland seam, is six to twelve feet thick. The coal in this seam is low quality and is not used. Below the Roland seam are the Upper and Lower Smith Seams. These seams are approximately 65-85 feet thick and contain quality coal. This is the coal that Rawhide mines.

Safety first is stressed at Rawhide Mine. In 1995, Rawhide employees worked over 312,000 hours without a lost time accident. This is approximately 372 days of working safely. Rawhide Coal Mine was named 1995 's third safest mining operation in Wyoming.

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