The Powder River Coal Company pages were created by Lakeview Elementary School's sixth grade SEEK students (SEEK is an acronym for Structured and Expanded Experiences in Knowledge, Campbell County School District's Gifted and Talented Program) with the guidance and assistance of SEEK Teacher Assistant Mrs. Kathy Avery and Technology Assistant Mrs. Pat Hopkins. The students participating in the project were Samantha Bartow, Michael J. Elmore, Nicole Flohr, and Kassie Hertz. This project would not have been possible without the time and information provided to us by the following Powder River Coal Company employees:

Scott Belden, Environmental Supervisor, North Antelope Coal Mine
Tam Bukowski, Environmental Engineering Specialist, Caballo Coal Mine
John Hopkins, Maintenance Technician, Caballo Coal Mine
Dan Hunter, Employee Relations Manager, Rawhide Coal Mine
Tim McCreary, Safety Training Specialist, Rochelle Coal Mine
Bob McManamen, Production Coordinator, Caballo Coal Mine
Tetsuo Ota, Data Processing Analyst, Caballo Coal Mine
Travis Roy, Safety Training Specialist, North Antelope Coal Mine
Jim Smith, Environmental Engineering Specialist, Rochelle Coal Mine
Donna Thorne, Employee Relations Manager, Caballo Coal Mine

Our special thanks to Cliff Knesel, Powder River Coal Company Vice-President Safety / Employee Relations, for his valuable assistance in coordinating the tours of the mines and providing us with additional facts and figures.

We would also like to thank the sixth grade teachers, Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Ferguson, for allowing the students to spend extra time working on this project.

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